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Tax Services

We like to make people happy. And although we don’t always have good news, we’ll take the time to explain your situation and how to improve in the future.

Maximizing deductions, avoiding red flags as well, and planning throughout the year to make sure you’re making strategic tax moves and being as tax efficient as possible.

Taxes... Are... Stressful.

There are many reasons to hire an expert. The better option is to hire a team. Let us do the work for you.

Tax Planning

Did you know that proper tax planning throughout the year is the single most effective way to minimize your tax burden each year? Your options are very limited after the year is over.

Over 60% of our clients sign up for Q3 reviews to maximize options before the end of the year. We charge a reasonable hourly rate instead of adding it to your tax fee without you knowing.

We Specialize In...

Stock Compensation & Sales
Maximizing Itemized Deductions
Independent Contractors
Retirement Accounts
Real Estate - Sales, Rentals, & 1031 Exchange.
Crypto Currency
Multi State
And More...

anything Tax Related!

Get outstanding results with one of our experienced & knowledgable accounting experts.
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